Thursday, December 16, 2010

Don't Believe the Hype...

First thing first. I AM doing the Ukrainian version of our "Bachelor". The fact that I've turned down the American version has NOTHING to do with my 'dislike' of American women. (The statement is so absurd that I can't believe I'm even dignifying it with a reply).

My reasons for doing it:

1) This is the first time since I was 15 that I have a few months without any physical activity. I am truly tired. I've realized it this past season and can't tell you how hard it was for me to get through it. The person that helped me was Brandy and for that I am forever grateful to her. She truly was agod-send. I will never forget everything she did for me. Without her help I would probably not have lasted though all the injuries, 'media issues' and my grandmother's death.

2) The idea that I would find 'the one' on a TV show is something that I can't ever fathom. But after speaking to producers, I have realized that a show where characters are doing it solely for TV exposure simply would not work. Our audience would not understand it and the show would be a disaster. There has never been a show such as this in Ukraine. And it makes me think that a first season would be the most 'real' as far as participant's perception of 'what it’s all about' is concerned. I thought about everything VERY long. I've spoken to my family. I've spoken to people around me and decided that this might be something to try and see 'how it'll work'. I'm going into this with a thought of 'why not?'. I know it’s hard to find someone you can connect to on a project like this, but nothing is impossible. For the sake of the show I can't reveal anything, but I must say I am very pleasantly surprised so far.

3) I feel good about the fact that I can 'give back'. My family and I left when I was very young. And to have made something of myself, to come back here as a person who is looked up to is an amazing feeling. I have been speaking to lots of people for whom my family and I are an example of what is possible. And I feel great that I can help 'direct' young people's drives to better themselves, while the government here is figuring everything out. It is not an easy living here. Kids don't have as many opportunities as I had. And people aren't looking at me with a frown but with pride.

4) This might be the most important reason of all, this is the first thing in a VERY LONG TIME that I'm doing something for ME. For the first time, I don't really care what people think. The first time that I'm not being 'judged', 'placed' or 'criticized'. (Well, maybe criticized, but you know what I mean).  My profession required me to do things to 'please' others, be it audience, judges, my coaches, etc. Maybe if I weren't such a stubborn person and didn't have such strong opinion about everything, I would 'please' everyone better and would have achieved more in my life. But, I am who I am...

I am not asking for understanding or support. I do feel that on this forum (and my site and pages) I have people that like what I do and have shown love for me through all the seasons of DWTS as well as other projects. I feel that I owe you an explanation of some kind.

Well, this is the best I can come up with for now. Someone told me once, "You do not have to remember what you said, if you never lie". I follow that my entire life. In light of all of this, some of you remembered me saying that I would never do a reality show such as 'Bachelor' and are calling me out as being a hypocrite, now. I remember saying that too.   But I do believe that I am smart enough to tell who here is after some 15-minutes of  fame and who is here for the right reasons. Time will tell if I am wrong in my choices in life, but those are MY choices, MY mistakes and MY achievements. And as long as my family is taken care of, my friends are happy with who I am, and I continue to better myself as a person, son, friend and (hopefully one day as a father and a husband), I will remain who I am.

Love You All,


  1. I already said it, but I'll say it again. I completely support you & only wish you happiness & sucess in all that you do.

    I am appalled at the venom that has been spewed in the last week or two toward both you & others. I can't believe people don't think you have the same right as they do, to choose who you want to spend your life with. Please know that most of us are rational & completely trust & support your choices for yourself and your family.

    We miss you...come back safe, sound & happy with or without your future princess (since you are the prince, she would have to be a princess, right?)! Big ginormous hugz!

  2. Congratulations Maks...every girl on the show is going to be very fortunate to get to know you. I hope we will be able to see it in the United States. If not, maybe you can post each show on You-Tube.

  3. Good luck Maks in all that you do!

  4. Dear Maks. Wow. It sounds like you are really excited about a new adventure in your life, and I wish you nothing but the best. I sure wish I was a young single woman in the Ukraine but alas I am not. lol. This is the first time I've seen your blog an it is really well written. I can feel your heartfelt sentiments about going back and making your family proud. I have a brother who works at ESPN and though he doesn't see what the fuss is about, I am proud of him in the same way. I have to tell you right now that this time last year I purchased one of your dance classes for my mother, and almost one year later, I am still smiling about the wonderful experience you gave my mother and me. I was engaged by your dancing skills, your professionalism, but most of all your down to earth and kind way with which you connected with your fans. Have a wonderful time and hurry back to America where we will always love and support you and wish you the best!! :)

  5. Congrats to you for doing what YOU want. You are the only one you need to answer to. As long as you are happy with your decision the rest will fall in line. Best of luck to you.

    And for those calling hypocrite - have you never changed your mind?

  6. What a delightful surprise Maks! I hope you enjoy it tremendously. If it's anything like the American version, it will be a huge Disneyesque fantasy that no one takes very seriously. Just the thing for some serious R&R! And if you happen to find "Miss Right"... well, so much the better. Best of luck!

  7. My dear Maks,
    I am so proud of you for doing something for yourself and wish you all of the best during this new adventure. You should not have to explain anything to anyone, but your words are clear and well written. You are so thoughtful of your family and your friends and you work so hard giving 200% in each and every endeavor. I'm glad that you are doing this for yourself and hope that this opens up even more opportunities for you to find yourself and someone that you will want to share your life with in the future. Your parents are great role models for you and Val since it is obvious that they love each other and have raised two wonderful and talented boys. Stay warm, stay true to yourself and enjoy the ride. Hugs and Love... Beth

  8. Maks,
    I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated the quote- "You never have to remember what you said if you never lie."
    I am in the middle of a very hard and sad situation and this sums up exactly how I feel and one of the root problems of what's going on.
    There's certain people in my life that I wish could get the point of this quote.
    Thank you so much for including it in your blog.

  9. Maks,
    I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated the quote- "You never have to remember what you said if you never lie."
    I am in the middle of a very hard and sad situation and this sums up exactly how I feel and is one of the root problems of what's going on.There's certain people in my life that I wish could get the point of this quote.
    Thank you so much for including it in your blog,

  10. Good for you Max. Relax and enjoy your time doing something new and interesting if nothing else. Who knows what the experience will bring - Love and friendships have been found in much stranger ways than this. Good Luck!

  11. Dear Maks..
    I wish you only the very best that life has to offer! Thank you for making so many Monday and Tuesday evenings fun and exciting to watch...thank you for "spurring on" my husband to sign us up for dance lessons as a birthday gift...and I pray that you find the happiness and joy you so richly deserve.
    I hope to see you back on the dance floor next season but more than that I hope you know how many people wish you well!
    Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year!

  12. Maks,

    Good for you! I think you have EVERY reason to do this for yourself. You deserve to be happy and you might find your future wife during this process. I say go for it and do what feels right to YOU!

  13. Yay!!! Here I was wondering when I'd hear from you again and here you are! :)

    Okay, first off--you do not owe any of us any kind of explanation for your decisions in life whatsoever. You don't have to explain yourself to me. However, that being said, I am so GRATEFUL that you do communicate with us and share your news with us! Thank you for that.

    As for the show; I know you said that you are not asking for our understanding or support, but let me tell you--baby, you have both from me! I'm genuinely glad to see that you are doing something for YOU. I know this is a cliche, but Life really is way too short to worry about what other people think. I'm slowly learning that myself and I'm 27! (I wish I could have realized this when I was younger... but then again don't we all?) Bottom line? You can't please everybody. People will always have different opinions about everything you do. I read this quote somewhere: "It's better to be an authentic loser than a false success, and to die alive than to live dead."

    Anyway, I'm glad Brandy helped you through that rough patch... I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother. My heart goes out to you and your family. I hope you do find "the one" on the show. I totally understand where you are coming from about the show being "real". I wish the best for you and hope that the women who are on the show are there for the right reasons.

    Love you,

  14. Thank You Maks for sharing what has been going on.I wish you the best in all that you do. They will always be HATERS no matter what you do,so continue to do what makes you and your family happy.H ave a blessed and happy holiday. I hope that the New Year brings you all that you are looking for.Remember your true fans will always stay true to you no matter what. Yolanda

  15. Well said. Frankly, it's refreshing to hear someone stay true to who they are, despite the naysayers. It is so difficult to meet normal, decent people out there on our own--why not give the show a try, right? Life is about taking chances.

  16. Wishing you all the best, Maks!

  17. man... I wish I was single and living in the ukraine... :D <3 you maks...

  18. It's all you Maks! Be who you are and do what you wanna do, In the end the only judges is you and god. Your amazing and strong willed, Good Luck in all you do. Much love!

  19. Good for you Maks...follow your heart~! As I've told my children, "Life isn't a dress rehearsal, you don't get to do it over."
    Your priorities are spot on and no matter what you do in life it's been wonderful to watch you both in dancing and with your family.

  20. Hey Maks!!

    You don't have to explain yourself to anybody! Do YOU. It's admirable to always think of family. It's admirable to want to be shining star for your country! If the Spirit decides your soul mate is on the adventure, then so be it, if not, at least you were brave enough to try. :-) I am so happy that you met Brandy because clearly she has made a impact. Friends really do come and go, but close friends are rare. Keep that. If you are blessed to find a true rock, you are one of the lucky ones! Finally, always remember to dance. A dancer (or any artist) breathes through their gift. Without their gift they feel like they have lost their soul. Peace my brother and we'll see you back in the States soon!

  21. Hi Maks! Thanks for giving us an update and so happy that you were able to have good friends like Brandy to help you along the way. You guys were so cute, I almost thought you were a couple! Well, now that you're on your way to finding love...I hope you find it, because you deserve it! You're truly an amazing talent!

  22. Love you Maks!! I wish you the best of luck and I hope you find happiness! Thanks for being such an inspiration...I look forward to seeing some of your future projects, whatever life has in store for you! Thanks for keeping us updated!
    Much love,

  23. Hi Maks, I read this on your forum a few days ago when it was first posted. I have no problems with what you're doing. Do whatever makes you happy (and especially after the craziness that happened on DWTS s11).

    I'm sure the Ukranian ladies will be fiercely competitive to win your heart lol :) I've never seen the Bachelor (we don't have a British version here though MTV channel sometimes shows the current series) so can't say too much but I do hope you find happiness. Many of us are doing the same :)

  24. Maksim, I was a bit surprised when I first read you were doing the show but then I thought, why the hell not! I think it's lovely that you have chosen to do the Ukraine version and staying true to your roots. I wish you all the very best of luck and hope you find what you are looking for, even if it is just knowing yourself a little better. Self discovery can be an amazing thing! Best wishes for a wonderful 2011!

  25. I have learned that -generally speaking- you HAVE to do for yourself occasionally! It's sometimes hard to do, but it is necessary to keep your sanity!!

    I wish you luck and if anyone has a problem with your choice -well, Poo on Them!

    Be well,

  26. Now Maks you know American viewers would never accept you with anyone other than Erin Andrews!

  27. WOW... i think this my fifth time reading this forum and i am at awe every single time.. So nicely said... Maks i, we, truly want you to be Happy.....You truly are a great person, and i do believe u will make a great husband and father. You make us ukrainians proud, really!!!!

  28. I hope you find that person! However I have never watched the bachelor before but would have watched if you were on it!

  29. I hope you have a great time while doing this! If this means you won't be doing DWTS next season, we will miss you, but I am glad you're doing something for yourself. Right now, dancing is the thing I do for myself so I understand the importance of taking care of you.

    I really liked what you said about making your own mistakes. There have been times in my life where I've done things against the advice of everyone else (getting married for one) and I'm glad I've listened to myself and made my own choices.

    I hope you keep us updated on everything, and I wish there was a way we could watch this show in America! Have fun!

  30. I totally agree with your blog.

  31. Please post more often Maks. Most of us really like to hear your thought processes and follow your adventures in life. Do what makes you happy.

  32. Great idea, Maksim !very fascinating and good !Hope you get the best of these beutiful Ukranian girls.You so deserve that ! And, your family too

    Please, post for us who would not be able to watch the developments.When do you start?

    Be happy , Maksim!You had rough 15 years, the life is not only about struggles and pleasing everybody else. Hope you meet somebody who matches you spiritually and is as lovely as you are inside and out

    LOVE and LIGHT to you, Maksim!


    Lots of love and light to you , Maksim

  33. @ B626

    re american viewers that would never accept Maks without Erin .... Great joke here !

    You should probably try to go abroad (unless for vacation) to see what the foreign women have that Erin doesnt - perfect manners, class and, indeed, dont make fool of themselves immitating Maks for his accent ...We call this culture in Europe.

    Erin had no chances with a man like Chmierkovskiy who is raised with Plisetskaya
    I rest my case, lol

  34. Maksim,

    I hope you find what you are looking for. my prayers are with you. you deserve to be happy and i want you to be happy! good luck! may God be with you!


  35. Maks, I am glad you decided to let everyone know about your current project. Quite a few people were surprised, I'm sure. At first, I thought you were going to be on the American version of the Bachelors (which I have never watched), and a friend of mine said "I hope not." You are in control of your life and know the circumstances and motives for everything you do. The fans only watch and make comments, such as I am doing right now. I am actually a Brandy fan. You are a handsome, talented guy, which most ladies would agree. I wish the best for everyone. Everyone deserves the best that life offers, so we should all seek that "best." So, go for it.

    Good Luck...

  36. Honestly Maksim, you really didn't need to explain a thing. It's your life.
    That being said, you typed a lot of words without saying anything anyway lol!

    Here's my take, do what you want, it's your life. You don't owe anyone an explanation unless there's a girl you professed yoour love to recently. Then you would have betrayed a trust.

    I know, seeing from your dwts videos, that you love the attention of (attractive) women. If you recently engaged in a deep attraction/love relationship with someone before doing the bachelor, then the ultimate test for you is honor. Can you show honor to that person while surrounded by immense temptation? If you fall, then you're not the man for that person because she deserves the best. If you stand, then you've conquered your faults and proven yourself to yourself and the world that you are a man of honor.

  37. Why are you even explaining? You 'owe' (excuse the expression) your fans a good show on DWTS. Other than that, what you do with your personal life I need to say it? one's business. Some people really need to get a life. Enjoy yourself back home!

  38. That's so exciting for you! I hope the series is a roaring success and wouldn't it be great if you end up surprised at the results. Give your body the rest it deserves, meet some nice ladies, and have fun! That's what you owe yourself. You've given all your DWTS fans lots of enjoyment over the years, go and have fun! ;)

  39. Stumbled across this entry and just wanted to say: Haters are going to hate. That's what they do. Best thing to do is keep it cute and keep it moving. Best of luck finding your future Mrs.

  40. Good begets good. Kindness draws friends. Hearts open to sincerity and happiness are drawn to each other. She is out there just working her way toward you as you are working your way toward her.
    I believe that when the right one shows up you will know in a heartbeat and your heart will soar or you will be so frightened of what you feel that your initial instinct will be to run...don't laugh it's been known to happen. In either case you will know in your heart of hearts that she is right for you.
    I wish you love.

  41. Maks,
    What you do and the choices you make, you are "who you are" and that's what really counts here. It's time to take care of yourself and do what you have to do, which is the most important thing. Being one of your Forum Ladies, I support you 100%.
    Love you, Diana

  42. I only wish I could be one of those lucky Ukrainian women that get to spend the time getting to know you Maks! Good luck!

  43. Good for you Maks ... sometimes we need that break ... I bet you'll have a blast. Come back with a new perspective, maybe even a new love?

    Arrivederci Bello

  44. of the things I admire about you is your strong will and your desire to be the best at everything you do (dancer, son, friend, etc.)...
    and just because you made a decision at one time in your life (not doing a reality show)...doesn't mean you are entitled to change your mind! You are constantly growing and learning new things about yourself...of COURSE you are going to change your mind! I hope the experience was a good one for you. Can't wait to see more of you on American TV...much love and respect,

  45. oh Maks! You are such an inspiration to me for staying to your true self and being there for your family and friends. Who could ask for more? I wish you the best with all the endeavors you are pursuing. I learned a long time ago that failures will happen but how you handle them is what truly counts and embrace your successes but do not let them go to your head. Hope you find true love and happiness as well. I think you will make a wonderful father.
    Best Regards,

  46. I am glad that you are able to do "The Bachelor - Ukranian Style" I would like to watch it. Will have to keep us posted.

  47. Maks: Find yourself a nice, JEWISH girl (pref. American)!

  48. Hey Maks!

    It's been a while... and I don't know if you still check this or not. I don't have any other way of communicating with you, LOL. I follow you on Twitter, but my tweets are private, so I don't know if you would even get them. :)

    Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I'm still watching DWTS and I'm supporting you and Kirstie!! You guys are HILARIOUS! Love it! :) Hope you have a wonderful time this season and I wish you the best!


  49. ты все делаешь правильно и производишь впечатление достойного человека! Удачи тебе во всем! :)

  50. it would have been kinda cool if you picked Ukrainian girls that are here in America. but still it is interesting to see who you are going to pick for your future wife..i gotta say you are really unpredictable :)

  51. Sorry this is 5 mos behind. I understand your doubts about a show like the "Bachelor" or any reality show. I also understand wanting to find that "one" person. So I agree....why not. It can never hurt to try. At least you can then say you've been there, done that. I wish you lots of luck in your search. If you have no luck there, come to Texas. :)

  52. смотрю шоу с твоим участием мы вообще все смотрим это шоу, молодец ты очень хороший человек, и утебя все сложится, все что в жизни происходит, будь то хорошее или плохое все к лучшему. Удачи тебе)
    И один вопрос блог ты сам ведешь, или...?
    не в обиду тебе просто при всей твоей занятости я не знаю как у тебя хватает на это времени)

  53. You write so beautifully i am bummed there is only two posts. Hopefully its because you were busy with the past dwts season and now that it is over perhaps we will hear from you again.
    though i love your writing i dont think what u wrote is needed. Youll never make everyone happy and looking like u do u seriously must have a ton of fans....youll never be able to keep all those people happy so why even explain? Just do what makes u happy and ignore all those nay sayers!
    great season on dwts by the way. I just adore kristie! Congrats on #2 spot! If you want to take a little road trip to VT to unwind after id love to show u around! :)

  54. I applaud you for finally doing something for you, Maks. I wish you luck and love in your endeavours.

    You had a fabulous season with Kirstie, I loved every minute of it, thank you for that.

    Two last things to say, and neither of them my own words. I just think they're fitting in light of your words here:

    "What it lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do." ~ Aristotle

    I am Pagan and don't normally quote the bible (though I have read 3 versions of it) but this particular passage means a great deal to me:

    Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love. ~ 1 Corinthians 16:13-14, NLT

    Much peace, Maks.

  55. Nadia is very pretty, but more blaze than the others. Sasha would never let you jump up and down the way you did with Erin on DWTS to get your way ;))) so go for Jana. Spitting image of Rebecca Romijn if she was taller. It'll be like dating Mystique! Hahaha. What am I saying, stay free Maks. PS: so sorry to hear about your babushka♥

  56. Maks,
    You are like my idol. I adore you soo much. I may be just 15 years old but I consider my self you of your biggest fans ever. I fully support you in every thing yyou want to do. You are your own person and you shouldn't let other people tell you how to live your life. Thanks to you I'm gonna try and follow my dream and learn how to ballroom dance. You are my inspiration and I love you so much. Thank you for being who you are. No matter what you do I'm here with you. One of my dreams and goals in life is to meet you. Out of all those celebritys and actors and singer and all those people that every one falls head over heels for YOU are the only one I dream of meeting one day. I really hope you read this and get something from it but even if you don't I still hope you read this and not just someone telling you about it or not telling you. Once again I love you and you inspire me to follow my dreams every day.
    <3 amber vanosdell, 15, Oregon.

  57. Am kind of glad the show is over, it looked like fun in the beginning, but it became increasingly hard to watch... the silent fight between the angelic girl madly in love with you and wanting a family, and the pretty girl madly in love with herself and wanting the prize... :) It really looked like after a while your heart wasn't in it anymore and you were just going through the motions waiting for it all to end.

    Anyway we did get to learn something about you, although Kirstie sort of brought out the same side of you at about the same time too... You, Maks, are an amazing guy. There's the showman, and the bad-boy image, and the apparent cockiness, and the temper - and then there's you, a sweet, polite, considerate, sensitive, empathetic, and extremely funny person. Which makes perfect sense, seeing your parents... your mom’s a sweetheart and your dad is too cool; and they did a great job raising you.

    You look very tired though... you should take a break from everything, and just go away and spend a couple of weeks with the people you love. Let me know if you need a travel tip to a place where nobody knows you... :)

    And don’t worry, love will come your way when you stop waiting for it. I know, it has already happened to me... :) Have a great summer, Maks!

  58. Александрович, не переживай, всё будет пучком. Нормальные люди это шоу не смотрели:))) Ты к нам в Одессу приезжай, хотя бы иногда.

  59. Дорогой Максим,ты замечательный человек(со своими плюсами и минусами),поэтому все у тебя будет замечательно,я тебе этого желаю от всей души и всего сердца! Я бы стала ТЕБЕ самой любящей и верной женой,родила бы НАМ детишек,а СЕБЕ получила бы от этого просто СЧАСТЬЕ....НО,к сожалению(моему),ты богат,поэтому никогда не глянешь в сторону обычной украинской девушки...Но все равно я тебя люблю и желаю счастья! Целую)

  60. Maks, I think you are a 10 and I have watched you since the beginning of DWTS. You are awesome, passionate and definitely blunt. You say what you feel -- I'm that way too and my mouth has got me in a lot of trouble. However on the down side tonight I saw you aggressively swing Hope around, push, and shove her. She's grown up and can take it but during the group rehersal--wow. That was over the top. I vote for you all the time and will continue to do so and I believe you should have won the trophy with Kristie Alley and (I can't remember her name--she is from the Spice Girls) best Paseo ever!!! Hang in there and I'll keep voting for you. And get your own Dance Show where you're in charge! I'll help market it for you!!

  61. Maksim,
    No need to worry!HYPE IS NOT FOR ME! You are amazing @ all you do! Reading what you have written and hearing you speak, you truly are a male, Ukrainian version of this Spaniard strong and real lady I am!" Let's give it a try"!!
    ~ GARBO

  62. Maksim,
    I really hope that you look @ this so you can know that I am having all of my friends, family and myself going crazy voting for YOU to win! None of us are fond of Hope or her negative, unathletic attitude along with her DWTS record breaking "I can't s!" As a ballerina I find that appalling & as a dedicated woman that backs you it makes my sjin crawl to hear "you are doing it wrong! " & "just stop! Stop being yourself! " PLEASE DON'T STOP! You are not only an amazing dancer that is definitely THE SHINING STAR of DWTS that illuminates the floor with your presence! You are also an incredible man that follows his heart and I am mesmerized by you & all you are & do! Reading your story in your own beautifully written words I am convinced you could simply write a note placing it on the counter asking me to pick something out to wear (which by the way, I would love too!)& you would make that note into a most romantic love letter with how you write! I am proud of you and all of your accomplishments! World pro dancer, instructor, director, producer of your show @The Wynn and designer of your own jewelry line that I love & love on you! I also agree with some of the previous comments that you owe no explanations to anyone but yourself and the woman of your dreams! Which I also believe she is out there trying ti get ti you just as you are trying to get to find her and get her!! She's your Princess in a rose bush which you find the most beautiful rose, and you as her Prince just have to battle the thorns to get her and she will be the one! I firmly believe in you and that you will be the most wonderful husband & father! Your princess may be right here in front of you on YOUR OWN BLOG! It may be me! Check out my profile and YES the photo IS ME AND WAS TAKEN RECENTLY! You won't find me on Facebook, twitter, MySpace or anywhere else but HERE on your site! PLEASE find me your princess rose that you will find we will be as if we are created for one another! I am real! No games no pretending to be something else! I find that in people sick and boarderline mentally disturbed! I was proud of your comments to Len as well as your Huff w/Hough & just who you are! A gorgeous sensitive yet strong, intelligent man who stays true to himself and beliefs with a beautiful heart ! I back that as we are very alike in all those ways! Look me up on my profile & get in touch with me! From the Ukrainian bachelor you went in with a great attitude and came out with I'm sure alot of friends. Well go into looking up me on my profile with the same attitude and you never know I just may be "The One"!;)
    In the meantime your are getting alot of support andsuch from my family, friends and of course myself! Please heal your toe and many hugs and kisses to you and Sir Sleep Alot from myself and my mini schnauzers! ;)
    Until you look me up and we speak or correspond, God bless you and be with you always!
    with much fondness and affection, prayers and blessings! 0;)
    ~ Garbo ;)

  63. Maksim!
    I think you are beautiful and amazing inside and outside! As well as I'm all your lengthy accomplishments and endeavours! LOOK ME UP! HERE! RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU ON YOUR SITE! I could very well be YOUR PERFECT ONE! YOU FUTURE MRS. CHMERKOVSKIY THAT YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR TO BE AN AMAZING HUSBAND TO AND I WOULD ADORE AND SPOIL YOU EQUALLY!!
    ~ GARBO ;)